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A Human Design
Soul Activation



When you receive a priceless and timeless recognition and reflection of who you truly are, and how you are meant to operate in the world, Every-Thing changes. Human Design is not here for us to geek out on the mechanics or make things more complicated. It’s an epigenetic awareness tool that allows us to crack our own code so we can evolve and create deliberately, and enjoy the freedom of life.

If Human Design is the vehicle of your soul, I'll give you a jump start and a turbo charge.

Human Design is trending, and everyone seems to know enough about it to have “made up their mind.” Herein lies the problem. Most people who come to me for Soul Activations, have either already received a reading or studied their own report, only to find themselves struggling with the information. To reap true benefits from Human Design, we must get out of our head and into our body, and start to live it. And this is what my Soul Activations are all about…

Hi. My name is Sabine Messner. I’m a 3/5 Manifesting Generator with the life theme of Transference, and I’m so glad you’re here. I see Human Design and the Gene Keys as an evolutionary, epigenetic awareness tool of the highest caliber – a precious treasure and a serious responsibility at the same time. The key is not to mistake it for another “spiritual set of labels” but to take full ownership of one’s design and destiny, and evolve it ourselves deliberately and dynamically.

“It’s hard to articulate how awesome the experience was. To say that my mind is blown would be an understatement. I’m definitely having fun living life with the HD info. I’m so happy I took the chance to work with Sabine.”

Abby McEwen,
World Cup Champion in Ski Cross

My Soul Activations are adventures in self-discovery and accelerated awakening.

For the past few years, I’ve devoted myself to studying Human Design, which was a big decision and continues to be a big deal. Human Design is a vastly complex system. The more you discover, the more there is to learn. Because Human Design is a living lineage, I wanted to learn it directly from the masters themselves who helped develop and interpret the system, and who also held me to the highest standards. They are Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood with the Human Design For Us All Training School. I’m humbled and honored to be one of their select Level 4 Certified Human Design Consultants.

What makes my Soul Activations unique, however, are several things. Firstly, the blend of my thorough training with my innate soul sight. It lets me hone into the most potent aspects and reveal them in a personalized and liberating way. I’m also utilizing my own design, specifically my Alchemist channel which allows me to “transfer energy,” a special ability that turns untapped potential into matter or vice versa, releases trapped density back into higher possibility.

Human Design Soul Activation Testimonial Ben Rode

“It’s rare for someone like me who has seen it all and done it all, to have someone provide information I can integrate immediately and permanently."

Sabine’s reading came at the perfectly synergistic timing, giving me important info that set me up right at a moment I was heading off to do something big.

I can say without hesitation that Sabine’s Human Design readings go far beyond the context of a standard reading, and are far more valuable than can be quantified with a few hundred bucks.

She carries with her lifetimes of wisdom that she cross-contextualizes into a level of clarity and useful insights that all of us on the path need in order to more deeply understand how our unique operating system functions.

I believe in Sabine’s genius so deeply, that I will personally offer a refund to anyone who doesn’t find value in her interpretation of their Human Design.”

-Ben Rode
Owner of Synergida Luxury Resort and Co-founder of The Rode Institute

Disclaimer: Since we live in a sovereign universe, Ben’s refund offer is allegorical. 

Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Jen Rode

“Your reading blew my mind!"

It has been such a deep process that I've been digesting. I think that getting a reading with you is something that everybody should do at some point in their life.

My session with you wasn't my first Human Design reading. I've done a couple, shorter ones. But your Human Design Soul Activation was a totally different experience for me because of the depth of your understanding of how and why Human Design works the way it works.

There's so much power in understanding why our operating system operates the way it does. Not from a place of 'Oh, that's my karma.' To me, it's more like 'Oh, that's my computer program!' This is why I have chosen these strengths with these weaknesses because it's essential for me to carry out this specific and unique purpose. It's very profound.

You do have a mathematical brain too. As much as this is high-dimensional information, it's also grounded as there is a structure and framework to it, which is very interesting for me. This is big stuff, and we're beyond grateful for you."

-Jen Rode
Owner of Synergida Luxury Resort and Co-founder of The Rode Institute

Three service levels based on your needs.​

There are three levels to my Human Design Soul Activations. Level 1 is the foundational Soul Activation, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get started. It’s a game-changer in itself and plenty impactful.

However, so many clients ask me for a follow-up to the initial reading. So I created one! It turns out people love to stay in a reflective conversation to deepen their insights. With more time to reveal and process, we dive into underlying dimensions that lead to the most surprising outcomes. That’s why the Integration package is the most popular choice and priced as the best deal.

The Life Decision Package is for those who find themselves at a significant crossroad, such as a health crisis, a divorce, a geographical move or a career change, or after a major loss. Being able to navigate yourself out of a dead-end, start a new chapter, or tap into your comeback powers is vital. Using your unique design, I help you find new meaning, and together we’ll map out the journey into a brighter future. When you trust your design, you can trust yourself.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or an expert looking for intuitive consulting and strategic branding that’s incorporating Human Design, please visit my main site at I offer 6-12-month coaching and consulting solutions that are tailored to the more complex challenges of applying this wisdom to business.

My Human Design Soul Activations are intended for personal developmental purposes. I virtually work with everyone, no matter their age, location, or lifestyle. I also love to work with kids and entire families. Please take a look below and select the package that suits you best.

In your private Human Design Soul Activation with me, you’ll learn how to…

"You just get who you're meant to be so you can become it."

"Sabine's offering is what I would call a blessed gift! She’s a Human Design expert and does a beautiful activation and reading! I highly recommend a Human Design Soul Activation for everyone, especially now in this new decade 2020.

It’s super powerful. I just loved the whole reading. It's a complete game-changer and activator for the fulfillment of my purpose, vision for life, business, and all of my relationships! I love her for being our guide through this journey."
Human Design Client Testimonial Avani Shahlenis
Avani Shahlenis
Unleash Your Inner Goddess Mentor

“My Human Design Soul Activation with Sabine was truly a soul-shaking experience. I am deeply grateful for it.”

– Sufey Chen
Director of 200 & 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Choose the Human Design Package that's right for you


90-min HD Soul Activation
Understand your HD basics
Discover your biggest assets
Reveal your blind spots
Make great decisions (authority)
Know your purpose (life theme)
Instant access to 2 HD masterclasses
Private session recording


2-Pay option available

Includes HD Integration Package
Gene Key Life Decision Activation
Plus, three 90-min Decision Sessions
Make critical life decisions
Gain clarity, courage, and confidence
Support extends over 1-3 months max


Sabine Messner shows people how to be in business with their soul’s purpose – which is the highest form of self-actualization and Soul liberation. The result? A life of fulfillment and financial freedom.

Having always been a Soul Seer, Sabine narrows in within seconds on what can take others lifetimes to grasp. Blending New Paradigm branding approach with her cutting-edge badass spiritual guidance, her clients are thriving and igniting their own co-creator reality under her loving tutelage.

Sabine holds a M.A. in Visual Communication (Magna Cum Laude) from The Berlin University of the Arts. She is the founder and creator of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth.

“Sabine's intellect, guidance, and compassion are spot-on."

“I am a self-learner and take pride in figuring things out on my own. But I am getting so much more clarity and depth out of my Human Design chart through Sabine’s insights and knowing than I was while trying to put it together by myself. I have had several challenging years recently. What I learned in these sessions gave me a clarifying perspective on what was happening and what I can do going forward.

What was most exciting for me was what I learned professionally. I’m in the process of launching my new business, after working on it for the past year and a half. I’ve felt bad about “dawdling,” but I learned through Sabine that my “day job” is waiting and universal timing. And, as a manifesting generator, it’s okay to take my time manifesting before executing. Sabine helped me understand that it’s appropriate and beneficial that I’ve been taking this time.

Thank you so much, Sabine, for your magical insights and your psychic knowing! I’m excited to keep the activation going."

- Kelly Smith
Shamanic Brander and Author/Creator of 'What's Your Spirit Animal' Book and Card Deck
Human Design Client Testimonial Kelly Smith
“Anything that draws you out of yourself in a positive way is God."

“I’ve been struggling with ‘integration’ for longer than I’d like to admit. Despite possessing knowledge in my mind of the human I need to become (hello, ego), the disconnect of actually ‘Being’ this person often slaps me in the face. Ouch! But breaking news: Integration doesn’t need to be this messy!

Even though I’ve dabbled in Human Design for five years, I only recently had an official reading. It’s only been a few days but I feel an energetic alignment that feels like ME, in its purest, galactic essence. I’m becoming more embodied not just through reading books but through my actual work in the world! Who knew?

Human Design is priceless. It provides the strategy for how to move through the world based on your unique blueprint. I’m honored to humbly receive this visionary experience from someone so highly skilled and intuitive. Thank you Sabine!”
Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Jessica Ann
Jessica Ann
Podcast Host of the Art of Humanity
"My reading from Sabine was, simply put, life-changing."

"Sabine's ability to read deeply into my being through my chart and to express the meaning behind all of the shapes, colors, channels and numbers opened up a level of understanding of myself that I couldn't previously comprehend. She was gently direct about the challenges I face and the areas in which I get in my way.

She also provided me with the framework to overcome and work with my chart to live this life to the fullest. I have a deeper understanding of my own design and Human Design in general. This has helped me in my relationships, my decision making, and my self-esteem. I am eternally grateful for Sabine's insight and support. She guided me in becoming a better version of myself."
Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Jordan Eck
Jordan Eck
Communications Director

“A Human Design reading with Sabine Messner will help you to know yourself so much better, get a feeling of clarity about your place on this changing Earth, and really start to answer the universal question “Who Am I?”

– Rebecca Sabine

Award Winning Violinist & Meditation Facilitator​

“My Human Design Soul Activation with Sabine offered me precious clarity and confidence. Like she woke up some deeper knowing in me that is now going to be taking the reigns.”
“I have spent so much of my life enduring situations of great suffering, thinking that something was terribly wrong with me. While I cannot disregard the immense personal growth that’s taken place in the past three years I also now understand more clearly my worth, my strengths and/or mission, and the importance of being among people.

I have been feeling very, very confused, sick, lost, and entirely without a center. I have felt the pregnancy pains of another woman, the mindset of a sociopath, the hip pain of an elder. I have spent a great deal of my life living out of my car, setting up my tent, again and again, crying, wondering: why does my life have to be like this in order to survive? Keyword: survive - literally. To live, to be okay, I had to drive far far away, with everything I needed to live outside, rain or shine, sometimes completely beyond exhausted, just to feel some sense of relief, of peace, of my own being. A lot of feeling like my whole life situation was so unfair. Everyone else seemed to be able to get along just fine.

Thanks to Sabine's reading, I now have more confidence in my importance and my capacity to be of more exceptional service. My vision has opened, globally, and intimately. Sometimes I feel very, very big, and to have someone help me channel that bigness in a way that corresponds with my birth blueprint and the needs of the greater collective is of unspeakable value to me. Truly truly. The immensity of whatever it is that seems to be part of me needs to be put to the right use. Her ability to read the chart and deliver concise guidance from that reading is precious. Absolutely precious. For me as a Reflector especially.

Sabine's reading offered me precious clarity and confidence. I'm not afraid anymore of my becoming. I feel more confident about my path. I have more reverence for myself and those I chose to engage with."
Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Leah Bee
Leah Bee
Reflector With The Life Theme Of Consciousness
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"Absolutely, incredibly epic"

"To finally have an understanding of my design and how I live and operate in the World is PRICELESS! Learning my Human Design quite literally saved my life. I'm a pure Manifestor who was conditioned to be a Generator which exhausted me, created anger, resentment and a list full of other goals fulfilled while my own suffered. I now understand how to be in "Self" and operate in the best way for my design.

Sabine Messner is STELLAR at chunking Human Design to a level you will not only understand but also how to operate your life in such a way that you find flow in life! Hands up the very BEST!

While I have been hiding for many years knowing one day the time would come to step forward into my purpose, Sabine knew I wasn't quite ready yet and she also knew my design long before she learned HD. Sabine knew right when I was activated and when "my beeper went off". Sabine held space and oh the space to hold for a super stubborn Pleadiean Manifestor like myself is extraordinary (not to mention German as well.)

I honor your diligent love, respect, and care for my soul's incarnate purpose. You, Sabine, dear one are the glitter amongst the Stars and the joy that rests deep within the heart. 💖 Love you to the Cosmic Galaxies and back!”
Feminine Wealth Retreat Thailand
CEO of ROEL Capital, LLC and President of Steele Grey Group
“Sabine's reading was invaluable for both my personal growth and my business growth."

"I highly recommend getting a Human Design Soul Activation from Sabine! Mine was very powerful and clarifying (and I thought I already knew myself well!). The reading gave me so much, I almost don't know how to summarize it.

It illuminated how I operate on a deeper level so that I see the strengths and abilities I took for granted, and understand for the first time why life occurs to me as "magical." All this info has immediate, practical applications, such as realizing how to pull in more resources to support my creations.

I learned precisely what I need to do to step up in my leadership and be the authority I am. And how a core aspect of me and my message that I've barely touched on needs to be brought out in my brand and in my book. Perfect timing, as I'm still revising the book and creating a new website."
Client Testimonial Pamela Moss
Founder and Author of The Soul Guide

Choose the Human Design Package that’s right for you


90-min HD Soul Activation
Understand your HD basics
Discover your biggest assets
Reveal your blind spots
Make great decisions (authority)
Know your purpose (life theme)
Instant access to 2 HD masterclasses
Private session recording


2-Pay option available

Includes HD Integration Package
Gene Key Life Decision Activation
Plus, three 90-min Decision Sessions
Make critical life decisions
Gain clarity, courage, and confidence
Support extends over 1-3 months max
“We love Sabine Messner’s work. She has helped us a great deal as mother-son duo collaborators. Sabine has helped us to realize who we are. Thank you, Sabine!"

"As for myself, I was always kind of modest about my accomplishments. Sabine encouraged me to be seen and heard, and to share my musical gifts with the world.” -Rebecca Sabine, Master Concert Violinist

“Sabine helped me a lot knowing myself, just focusing on my strengths, knowing what those are that’s best for my career path.” -Aaron Ramsey
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Rebecca Sabine is a highly defined Manifesting Generator and her son, Aaron, is a Fixed Fate Projector. Their joint Human Design Soul Activations helped them to co-create in more joyous way as brilliant musicians and composers.

“I have spoken to many people in search of my life’s purpose and clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. Many have turned light switches on for me, but Sabine has been the “Mother Board” of them all. The Power Switch. She is a game-changer!”
"Sabine has a way of creating a deep connection to your inner-self. She reaches in and shows you a closer look at knowing who you are with certainty, enlightenment, and empowerment.

My two sessions with Sabine were mind-blowing! She told me things about myself - conscious and unconscious, that was surprising but totally made sense. She gave me the spring-board jump I needed to move towards my dreams and deepest desires and taught me what to do to get out of the hamster wheel spinning around and around. She confirmed who I was and what I was here to accomplish for the higher good of humanity.

My most significant shifts and insights were how I now relate and work with other people. I am more confident and clear about what I want and do not waiver in my stance; where before I would feel guilty about not doing something someone wanted me to do, especially when it wasn’t something I was passionate about. My biggest insights were learning about “Who I Am”, my weaknesses and super-powers, and knowing where my decision-making source and energy comes from. I am a 3/5 Emotional Authority Manifesting Generator! I am powerful and a creative Goddess! Learning about my gates and channels was also an eye-opener, as they show me in detail what I bring to the table, how to show up bigger, and play with confidence.

Sabine takes the superpowers we are given and relates them to practical ways we can put them into play so that we become the light and energy we are here to be. I have spoken to many people in search of my life’s purpose and clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. Yes, many have turned light switches on for me, but Sabine has been the “Mother Board” of them all! The Power Switch! She is a game-changer! All the information was do-able because it was in my human design – and most of it I was doing already, but questioned myself because of wanting to fit in and follow others.

Sabine infuses energy and enlightenment in every session. Her down-to-earth personality and sense of humor inspires and motivates. You will leave her sessions with a sense of knowing and boldness. Sabine’s knowledge and in-depth understanding of Human Design Charts and diving deep into activating your soul WILL change your life. I now know how I am to approach everything and anything.If you’re questioning what your purpose here is, I highly recommend speaking with Sabine. Two questions she will ensure you know the answers to are...”Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?”

Don’t wait! Do it now and you will find yourself hitting the ground running with your answers, as I did! Thank you Sabine! Forever grateful and deeply appreciated <3"
Jodi Jones
3/5 Emotional Authority Manifesting Generator

“Wow wow wow! Our Human Design readings done by Sabine Messner has helped us incredibly with our relationship, personal and business, and increased our understanding 10-fold at least."

-Heather Sheree and Marc Titus
Founders of the Sedona Yoga Festival
Human Design Soul Activation As A Family Affair
“If you’re getting a Human Design Soul Activation, I highly suggest not just getting one for yourself, but taking the people closest to you along on the ride!"
Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Jeannie McCall

“I stumbled into Human Design a couple of years ago. I was excited by this new technology as it seemed to ‘explain’ me better than any astrology report I had ever done. In fact, I was so excited that I purchased reports for my entire family for Christmas. They were great, and we all tapped into a little something about ourselves that we might have known on some level but didn’t completely understand. I studied it further and read a lot about Human Design for the next couple of months, but eventually drifted back into “everyday” life. Then I received an email from Sabine about getting a private reading, and it seemed perfect for her to do the reading for me. I expected to learn more about what I had already found in my studies along the way. Her Soul Activation was so much more than I could have expected it to be.

Through the lens of Human Design, Sabine got inside of me. She explained my shadows, my gifts, my habits, but also the beauty that is my design and my purpose. To some degree, I already knew certain things about myself. However, only when you genuinely bring these feelings into the light and into your conscious awareness, you get the big ahas. I’ve had one right after the other.

Now being a true 4, the first thing I did was share all of the things I had learned about myself and all of the big breakthroughs that I was having with my mom and my two daughters. My mom decided that she would get herself a reading because it’s hard not to get caught up in something when I’m sharing it with that much excitement and passion. She also decided that she would like to gift a reading to both of her granddaughters. One big thing that I have in common with my Mom is a sincere wish that we had stumbled into knowledge like this at a younger age so sharing this information with my girls felt like the right thing to do.

My youngest Alyssa, who was the skeptic of the group, seemed initially the least impressed. But in the two weeks since her reading, she has made so many positive life changes that it is hard not to notice them.She seems to be lit back up from the inside in a way that I haven’t seen in a very long time, and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure if I ever would see it again. The unfolding of this is priceless to witness. The next reading was for my mom. It’s only been a few days since her reading, and she hasn’t had much of a chance to integrate all of the information yet.

One of the beautiful things about Human Design is that it isn’t just a chance to take a peek at the snapshot of the person you came here, as it’s about the experience of watching it unfold in your life. While I don’t know if I can see my mom completely changing what she does in the world, the big thing that I see that could unfold in her life is how she shows up – which is a beautiful thing. Just imagine a world where no matter what you were doing everyone showed up not just living their purpose in a what I do kind of way but showed up completely embodying that purpose…..not just for the one thing, the job, but showed up that way for everything. What a beautiful world that could be! So I am excited to see what unfolds on her journey moving forward.

Today Sabine finished up our family readings with my oldest daughter Ashton. I think Ashton loved it the most because for the first time in her life she makes sense to herself! She also discovered that it’s OK if other people don’t always get her, they aren’t supposed to. Just like the rest of us, she heard things that on a level she already knew about herself but needed to hear the concrete words to understand it on a conscious level. Same as my mom there hasn’t been much time between the reading and the writing of this to see where it will lead, but I see it leading to beautiful places and wonderful adventures. I also see her becoming more forgiving of herself for not being able to fit in a box like most people because apparently, she is “unboxable”. This is so true of her!!!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Sabine! This was divine timing for sure. I am excited to see where the four of us go from here, and can’t wait to learn more about these three amazing women that are in my life, and how we can continue to support each others growth while we are here.”

Human Design Soul Activation Client Testimonial Jeannie McCall
Jeannie McCall
Founder of Sundara Memorials

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